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"I Just received my latest order of Pinmoors. Your write-up is correct. There is no other product like them. I have purchased at least 300 Pinmoors over the last few years since discovering your booth at the Houston International Quilt Festival. I tried to find substitutes that work as well but the consistency of the your plastic Pinmoor just can't be duplicated. The substitutes slip, give way, and are lost somewhere along the way. Pinmoors are a luxury for which I am prepared to pay because they do the job right. I use Pinmoors for all my machine quilting projects because they are so easy and so hassle-free. Last month, my local quilt guild held a program on "Favorite Tips and Tools".  I chose to pass Pinmoors around the room and urged the membership to try them. Enclosed with my purchase yesterday was a little package containing two Pinmoors.  I will take it down to my local quilt store on my next trip and demonstrate for them. Thanks for an excellent product!"

-Barb Shrout


"I bought my Pinmoors at the Long Beach Quilt show, figuring I'd give them a try. I will admit, I was a bit skeptical, but when I starting basting my quilt with them I was stunned! I basted my quilt in half the time, it lays smoother, the pins & Pinmoors are WAY easier to use than safety pins.

AND...no big holes from the safety pins. Pinmoors are one of those inventions as important to quilting and as revolutionary as the rotary cutter! I'm so glad I found them! Thank you Loretta for inventing these amazing little wonders"!

-Deb Karasik
"QuiltMavens Perfect Paper Piecing"
"Quilting With Attitude"


"I think Pinmoors are a great new option for layering quilts for machine quilting. For fragile fabrics, silks, digital images on cloth, painted areas, anything where a safety pin might cause big holes or damage, Pinmoors with your choice of fine straight pins are the answer.

For anyone with hand/wrist problems Pinmoors are easy to use and easy to remove. You can quilt right up to them and then easily remove pins as you work. I like that they are non-toxic in case a pet will swallow one. They are easy to take out and re-position as you work. Love the bright colors so you can see them as you quilt."

-Diane Gaudynski




"Pinmoors give us a fabulous new system for basting our quilts for machine quilting. Safety pins are not only bothersome to apply and remove, but they can leave holes, especially in tightly woven, delicate, or digitally printed fabrics. The Pinmoors are fast and super easy to use, and work with any straight pins we choose that suit our projects. I give them a big thumbs up - check them out!"


-Lura Schwarz Smith


"Oh my gosh, this product is fantastic. I have really terrible arthritis in my hands and your product makes my life so much easier. I also was surprised how fast the shipment was. I work at a local quilt shop and teach alot of classes. I even would like to give each person a few. So would it be possible to purchase another two bags of the regular bags that you first sent me? I am so excited. I have a lovely cat to that likes to steal my stick pins and sewing needles, but now she won't be able to get at them.

Thanks so much! "

-Eva Marie Bourget 


I can't thank you enough for bringing this product to market. I purchased my first pack at IQF Long Beach and have since ordered more. And will add more yet! I used to struggle on my hands and knees to pin baste a quilt. With back and neck injuries, that made it a painful process. I LOVE Pinmoors! I haven't been so happy with a quilting tool since the rotary cutter! 

-Stephanie Ann Doyle





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