I am an everyday quilter. I’ve been quilting for over 30 years and I’m always looking for an easier way to do just about everything. I came up with this idea while looking at the laboring task of pinning another quilt with safety pins and trying to work around them while Quilting. I felt there has to be something I can come up with that will make this go more smoothly. It has taken me years to get the precise material and the correct shape and size.

-Loretta Ivison

(Founder of Pinmoor)

Wikipedia says; “safety pin – 1849 - is a simple fastening device”; but we all know better. There is nothing simple about a safety pin.

These are the painless instructions for the finest new quilting tool you could use to keep your quilt in place while you quilt it.

It will not matter where you put the pins and the Pinmoor if you have not marked it. It is so easy to move them; I can pin anywhere on my Quilt. If you have marked your Quilt then you will have a easy time choosing where to place pins and a Pinmoor.

* Put the pin in through the top layer to the back, then from the back to the top.

* Attach the Pinmoor, or hold the Pinmoor and put the pin through the layers and stick it into the Pinmoor.

* Use the pins you already have and like.

* The head of Pin and Pinmoor sit on top of the quilt.

* Pinmoors are easily removed while quilting.

* I take them out while quilting and put the pin and Pinmoor into a bowl.

* When I am done, I take a magnet pincushion and put it over a bowl. The pins come up and Pinmoors stay in the bowl.

* I have numbered flower head pins to use with a Pinmoor to keep track of my rows while piecing.

* Use your Pinmoor to keep sewing needles from getting lost in pincushions.

* Use Pinmoor to hold doll parts in place while sewing.

* Your pins will not leave the same holes in your fabric like safety pins do.

* Pinmoors will be more ergonomic to use too. I have a painful right hand and these don’t upset it.

* Pinmoors are completely non-toxic

Pinmoors are a one-time purchase. They will last indefinitely.

Thanks for giving Pinmoor a try, let me know any new ways to use them.

Happy Quilting! Pat. Pend. Proud to have them: Made in America
Loretta Ivison